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Jan 10th DOMA Protest – Tools for Success

Posted by amy On January - 6 - 2009

January 10th will be yet another historical step forward in the movement for full equality. With the author of DOMA announcing that even he believes it should be repealed, this is our opportunity to hold our future president to his promises as we gain 1 Million Signatures on the open letter to Barack Obama.

There are 4 ways to participate in this National DOMA Protest:

  1. Organize a protest in your city to get signatures (remember, visibility is the key toward winning equality. We need a consistent presence)
  2. Organize a carpool in your area to get everyone to a protest nearby
  3. Print out the Open Letter to Barack Obama and canvas your city for signatures (now and until the 10th of January).
  4. Organize a canvas group on January 10th to go door-to-door getting signatures and raising awareness

Here are some great tools to get the word out:

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