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Visibility in the Face of Rick Warren

Posted by amy On December - 29 - 2008

Many have come to us with ideas on what to do for inauguration day in response to Rick Warren. Many want to turn their backs, boo when he speaks, or have a large march. In my opinion, though these are ideas that I would get behind in other situations, I do not think that this is the best way to respond at such an historical inauguration. If we as a community take attention away from such a historical event in a negative way, we risk alienating a great deal of those in the middle of this struggle who are just starting to understand what we are fighting for and why we deserve these rights. We DO need to stand up for our community in the face of Rick Warren, but I believe that there is a very positive way that we can do this that will send a message, spark the conversation of equality, and show Obama just how many people support our rights and DO NOT support this horrible choice. So on January 20th, we encourage all attending the inauguration, all going to inauguration viewing parties, and all who plan on watching in the privacy of their own home, to wear the White Knot for Marriage Equality. We hope to have 35% of the crowd at the inauguration sporting the White Knot OR a rainbow armband/rainbow flag, etc. Show your solidarity and visibility while allowing everyone the chance to take in this amazing event and begin to embrace change. It is this historical event, that we as a nation can share together… a common ground that everyone can find regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or class.

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