Thursday, July 25, 2024

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We have a lot of quick updates and resource information that we hope you’ll peruse over your 4 day weekend (for those of you working on Black Friday and the weekend, thank you for braving the storm!)

Are you planning on seeing MILK this weekend? Check out our list of PRO-LGBTQ theaters to see it at.

On Sunday, we received an email via our contact form directing us to We apologize for the delay but, as you can tell, we’ve had a hectic couple of days. Nonetheless, we felt it was necessary to share this wonderful site. Please visit and check out their extensive list of facts debate points.

Something else that we suggest to everyone looking to expand their knowledge (knowledge is the best weapon in any fight), we highly suggest you take some time over the Holidays and pick up Becoming Visible, edited by the Executive Director of GLSEN, Kevin Jennings. No this is not a shameless plug, this book is an amazing resource. Our community has a powerful history and the key to full equality is full visibility. This book is a great start.

HUGE NEWS: A new poll came out stating an 8% swing in Prop 8 voters! Our opposition has sent us many emails saying that we are “wasting our time.” If that is so, then why is it that our protests have encouraged an 8% swing in the polls in our favor? This is what happens with visibility! YOU are making an IMPACT! Watch the video here. – Frank Voci, of WhiteKnot, and I had a fantastic conversation the other night about his great addition to our cause. Please, show your support for LGBTQ equality by wearing a white ribbon with a knot. This is a great way to grow visibility, raise awareness, and spark the conversation of equality. Read more about it here.

Being in a Post Prop 8 World – this amazing article speaks to the fact that our visibility is something we must stand up for and make apparent to the world. It shows just how our movement has evolved in 3 short weeks and how our community will prevail!

I hope all of these great reading materials find you well over this holiday weekend. The fight for equality does not take any breaks, so please keep checking back over the next 4 days for more updates and announcements. And don’t forget to send your postcards.

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