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Posted by amy On November - 17 - 2008

What we accomplished on Saturday was the first step of one amazing journey. Many people have asked me why Proposition 8 has caused such an uproar in our community. Honestly, this movement has been forging for many years, but Proposition 8 was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Many have called this Stonewall 2.0, and I won’t disagree. Stonewall awoke a wildfire in the gay rights movement and Saturday’s world-wide protests showed this work just how strong a wildfire can be!

As everyone knows, Saturday’s protests didn’t solve the problem overnight, but what they did was raise awareness across this world about the problem. Thanks to all of you, this conversation is no longer between “us and them.” This conversation is occuring all over the world in living rooms, coffee shops, airplanes, offices, college campuses, and even retirement communities. The worst thing we could do right now is let this conversation fizzel out! Help us keep this conversation going. Share your stories, your videos, and photos with us. Help us record Saturday’s history making initiative, help us spread the word, and work with us for full equality! We can never let people forget about what Proposition 8 did to 18,000 marriages. The word DOMA needs to be in everyone’s vocabulary. In a world where so many children need homes, people must know how a vote in Arkansas took the right of adoption away from unmarried and gay couples.

Saturday’s protests helped us put a positive face on our amazing community! We will work with other major organizations to get these positive images out there and keep this conversation at the forefront of people’s minds. JoinTheImpact is a venue for change. We have many eyes on this site and many people who have been stuck in the middle of this conversation are starting to join us in discussion. YOU ARE THE CHANGE THIS WORLD NEEDS! We have a ton to do before the Day Without a Gay on December 10th. People are beginning to see our struggle, so let’s help them move from seeing, to understanding, to acceptance!

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