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Change is on the Horizon

Posted by amy On November - 25 - 2008

Has anyone heard the news from Floriday today? In a landmark decision, the Florida ban on gay adoptions was declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Our movement has made many strides since Stonewall and even before then. Those who oppose us think that Prop 8 was going to end this discussion, but what they did not realize is that Prop 8 as well as initiatives in Florida, Arizona, and Arkansas awoke a sleeping beast in all of us! Ghandi said that first they will laugh at you, then they will fight you, and then you will win! The reason there is that middle stage is simple – they begin to fight us when our cause is finally taken seriously, when the scales of change are tipping, and when our fight begins to make sense as an issue of human rights. As a sign of this, we get a great deal of angry comments and emails. What those who oppose us don’t understand is that this only fuels the fires of change. The angry comments are expected, and the more we get the more we know that we, the LGBTQ community and our allies, ARE MAKING AN IMPACT! Change is on the horizon! Now is a time to celebrate this win as we gear up for many more to come!

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