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IMPACT The White House Part 2

Posted by amy On December - 15 - 2008

Yesterday, we gave you an amazing opportunity to help us Impact the White House with Equal Rep. Today, we were asked to join with to provide another GREAT opportunity to make an IMPACT in government! announced the following:

What’s Your Big Idea for Change in America?

President-Elect Obama says he wants to hear ideas from all Americans, so we’re taking him up on his offer. Submit your ideas for how to change America, discuss with others, and vote for your favorites.

The “Top 10 Ideas for America” will be presented to the Obama Administration on Inauguration Day. We will then build a national campaign to advance each idea in Congress, marshaling the resources of, MySpace, and our dozens of partner organizations and millions of combined members.

They asked us to participate and we feel that this is a great opportunity to affect positive change for the LGBTQ community. Since JoinTheImpact is YOURS, we are asking you a simple question: What idea for change should we post to make an impact? Once we decide on an idea, we can all work together to give it the support it deserves. Imagine if EVERYONE who came out for November 15th and who will be coming out for the December 20th Light Up the Night event, were to join in and vote for our idea. What an amazing IMPACT we WILL make!

3 AMAZING LGBTQ ideas have already been posted to the site (Trans Inclusive ENDA, Gay Adoption, and Same-Sex Civil Marriage). PLEASE lend your support and VOTES to these great ideas. is picking the top 10, so we should definitely add to these two amazing requests for positive change. Please help us decide what is the best idea. Here are some suggestions:

  • Repeal DOMA
  • Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  • Stronger Hate Crime Legislation

These are just a few. Check out the suggestions on and then add your suggestions in the comments on this post. Our voices came together on November 15th. They are coming together over and over again. People are starting to pay attention! We have been asked to make our voices heard again. Let’s take this great opportunity for change. We WILL prevail!