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Jon Stewart Has 1 of his 10 Conversations

Posted by amy On December - 11 - 2008

10 Conversations could change the world. Over the next 10 months, JoinTheImpact will continue to encourage each and everyone of you to have 10 respectful and heartfelt conversations about equality. You won’t change the mind of every person out there, but you’ll touch the minds and hopefully hearts of all. Although Mike Huckabee didn’t have a miraculous realization and suddenly join in the cause of Equal Civil Marriage, he did at least join in the conversation. He listened to the other side; to our side. And, although his mind wasn’t changed, someone watching may have changed their mind. This is why OUR VISIBILITY is so important! If we continue to come out by the Hundreds of Thousands and then the MILLIONS Day after Day, Week after Week, and Month after Month… then this conversation will continue. If we sit back and hope that only a few people will keep this going, then we risk a huge loss. Our allies are out there ready to join at our sides and fight this fight. Let’s continue to give them a reason to talk about one simple dream: A Truly Equal America! JTI and dozens (if not hundreds) of other organizations are working together to keep our community visible. Please show this world how all of us can MAKE AN IMPACT! Join us on December 20th to Light up the Night for Equal Rights! We need organizers in many cities still (and JTI has an amazing support system to help you organize)! Let’s not let the holiday’s overshadow our visibility. This is our time! This is our movement! And this is OUR OPPORTUNITY to continue this AMAZING CONVERSATION OF EQUALITY!